TRIED & TESTED: The plate-loaded kettlebell from Strength Tools

Pennie Varvarides puts the Strength Tools Hungarian Core Blaster to the test

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Pennie tries out a new plate-loaded kettlebell from Strength Tools

When Strength Tools got in touch to offer me the chance to use this plate-loaded kettlebell I was pretty excited. I love a gym gadget, especially one that’s multi-functioning.

Out of the box, my first impression was it was heavier than I expected; maybe weighed about 12kg. It was solid metal and came with the clip to hold the weights down. It is a little fiddly trying to get the pin in and out at first to add the plates, but after a few goes I got the hang of it.

You can fit five 25kg plates onto the bar, so the kettlebell can get real heavy. Not that I’m going to be swinging 130kg any time soon, but you might.

When it came to swings, double- and single-handed, the Hungarian Core Blaster worked pretty well. I assume this is it’s main purpose of the tool. Because of how big it is, your legs will need to be wider than you are used to, especially if you’re as short as me, which took some getting used to. I swung myself off balance a few times trying to get my head around the new stance.

When it comes to other single-handed KB moves, such as cleans and snatches etc, I’m not convinced. I was actually too scared to try either, fairly certain I’d just smack myself in the head with the plates. I discussed this with some of the lads at work who were also all too scared to try and didn’t think the tool worked too well overhead.

For single-arm farmer’s walks and double-arm duck walks, the Strength Tool works well. When used for loaded carries I think you can get a lot out of it. It can work for grip and forearm strength as well. The length of the tool means it’s quite challenging to balance horizontally or upside down, so can be used to improve grip and control.

One of the major benefits to a tool like this is being able to go up in increments of your choice. You just pick what plates to use. I’ve got the Olympic version, which means it fits Olympic plates. Makes it real easy to use with the plates at the gym. You can go up in 1.25kg plates or 25s – whatever you want.

If you already have weights and don’t want to fork out for a full kettlebell set to boot, getting something like this could save you quite a lot of money. But this will depend on what you want the kettlebells for.

OMQ Verdict

You can see me testing the blaster out in the instagram video below. It’s a pretty cool piece of kit and I believe with a bit of time and thought I can come up with more uses for it. It would actually be great to have a second one, so I could also use for regular farmers walks. Particularly as the kettlebells in my gym only go up to 20kg and dumbbells are so much harder to hold on to.

The Hungarian Core Blaster is £169 and can be purchased using this link: – it’s actually currently on sale, with 20% off and if you use the code PENNIEV10 you get a 10% discount. The code only works once per person though, so if you want to get any other kit while you’re there, make sure it’s all in your basket. It’ll last four weeks from today. And the sale finished in March, so who knows when they’ll notice and take it down.

I’m not sure I’ve worked out how to get the most out of it just yet, and I’m not sure calling it a kettlebell is very helpful as it leaves you feeling a little disappointed that you can’t do all the normal kettlebell things you would want with it. But I think it can definitely be useful and I’m looking forward to building it into more of my workouts and figuring out what else it can be used for!

STRENGTH TOOLS// @strengthtools sent me this plate loaded kettlebell to test out a couple of weeks ago. Swipe to see me playing with it! . It probably weighs about 12kg, but I’ve not weighed it. In the photo I’ve loaded it with two 15kg plates, but it has space for five. Depending on what you’re using it for, it should fit five 25kg plates, so can get pretty heavy. . I’m posting a full review up on my site today, so head over to to check it out! And if you wanna get your hands on one of your own, you can get 10% off with the code: PENNIEV10 . I’ll be posting a link to where you can get one in my stories in a moment! And if any of my clients want to have a play with it this week, let me know and I’ll bring it down =] #ohmyquad

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Author: Pennie Varvarides

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