Lauren Bishop puts healthy fast food from NutriPot to the test

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NutriPot comes in multiple flavours

NutriPot is on a mission to bring us healthy fast food for life-on-the-go. Research shows that more and more of us are choosing to eat smaller meals, or even just graze on the go; so convenience food is becoming a staple of Western culture. Alongside this, more and more of us are demanding more of our food, looking for options that are healthy and tasty as well as convenient.

NutriPot meets this need by producing posh pot noodles: convenient little bowls of goodness that we can simply add hot water to, stir and enjoy. They provide 50% of our daily vitamin and mineral requirements and pack an impressive punch of around 20g of protein per pot – all for about 300-350 calories.

NutriPot is currently available in five varieties: Aromatic Thai Noodles, Quattro Formaggio Pasta, Pasta Bolognese, “Chicken” & Mushroom and Moroccan Couscous. Don’t be put off by the chicken if you’re a veggie, as there’s no real meat in sight: all the flavours are suitable for vegetarians. Unfortunately for some, this means a reliance on soya for the protein content. Also, the ingredients list is rather long, suggesting these aren’t the cleanest of products, but this is a reasonable trade-off for their level of convenience.

In terms of palatability, this is pretty good but variable across the flavours. My favourite flavour is chicken and mushroom, whilst the Moroccan couscous gives a good hit of chilli heat but leaves something to be desired in the way of depth of flavour. The texture of the noodles is nice and soft in all of the pots, but this softness is the only texture that comes through. They could perhaps do with something to add a bit of crunch, which they currently lack.

OMQ verdict

NutriPots make for a great on-the-go lunch or snack, and their nutritional profile is impressive when compared to other convenience foods. I wouldn’t want to eat them too regularly, but for those occasions when we just need something easy and don’t want to sacrifice good nutrition, they’re an ideal solution.

You can buy NutriPot online for £2.49 each.


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Author: Lauren Bishop

Lauren Bishop is a public health student and wellness coach on a mission to get the people of Britain living healthier, happier lives. She's also a keen cyclist, fanatic about food, and partial to the occasional glass of red wine!

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