Tried & Tested: 30-day Beachbody Core de Force MMA workout challenge

Hard-core yogi Gemma Bellhouse tries a 30-Day Core de Force Challenge

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Gemma kicking her way through the BeachBody workout

Before my trip to Greece for a beach wedding this summer, I was hoping to chisel my abs a bit. So when I was invited to try the new Beachbody 30 day Core de Force, I jumped at the chance!

The DVD set came with several DVDs, a great calendar to remind me which sessions to do every day, and I got the Beachbody smartphone app as well. The dynamic sessions are between 5-48 minutes, and vary in boxing, muay Thai, and kickboxing rounds. I’m a yogi with little experience in martial arts, so I was ready to try it out!

Week One

In the first day’s workout I tried MMA speed – and holy SWEATINESS. It went by so quickly! On the second day, I loved the short and fun balance tricks in the Dynamic strength workout. This one had lots of creative rounds and slower. On day four I tried Power Sculpt, which is tough and sweaty, with fun new moves! Although it’s super nice to have Jessica showing easier variations for when I really need to take it down a notch.

I recommend having a yoga mat handy, as it’s good for the knees and your back during floor work. Day five’s routine Shred had lots of kicks and punches, and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Day seven was the first Active recovery session, which is excellent. It breaks down the moves and seemed to improve my technique. Great stretches too!

OMQ, be fit, beachbody, gemma bellhouse

Gemma’s technique improved as the 30 days went on

Check-in: I’ve felt especially hungry!

Week Two

Shred was easier this time around, and Core kinetics is super at targeting the core – it’s actually my fave session now, with the focus on simple movements without all the jumping around. 

Longer rounds in MMA Power with some fun combinations. Super sweaty – had to keep stopping for water. I recommend having a fan blowing for when it gets hot! Decided I love the hip drive through move in Power sculpt – love this Brazilian jujitsu stuff!

Check-in: I’m beginning to see some new definition in my abs, yeahh baby, let’s sculpt this!

Week Three

Can feel my core working during MMA Power and Core kinetics and I finally understand the sphinx blaster move. We’ve moved up to five-minute core planks now, which are a KILLER!

MMA Plyo is the hardest session so far – felt like the first few weeks were training for this. Joel and Jericho, the instructors, are now my best buddies. They’ve been super encouraging, which is necessary when committing to such a challenge. Happy for the active recovery session – it’s well-deserved reward to slow down.

Check-in: Can definitely see and feel some more ab definition. Wore a belly shirt to a friend’s birthday – woop woop!

Week Four

MMA Plyo was much easier the second round; Kinetic never gets easier – love this, I can feel it right away. Realised it’s great to do the sessions in front of a mirror for technique, and it’s nice to do it with a friend, but sometimes my focus is better when I do sessions alone.

Doing sessions during this 30-day challenge at different times of the day throughout the month also showed me that I REALLY shouldn’t eat beforehand, and I always get a glass of water ready before I start.

Check-in: Ready for the beach! Felt great on my holiday in Greece, wore my bikini and felt confident and fab – Thank you BeachBody!

OMQ, be fit, beachbody, gemma bellhouse

Gemma made it to the beach with her newly sculpted abs on show

OMQ verdict

I highly recommended this 30-day programme for those looking for a new way to work out and willing to make the time for their beach body. As I regularly go to and teach yoga classes in my spare time, I found on some days I had to compromise my already packed schedule to fit in longer core sessions.

Find the DVD set (money-back guarantee!) and more info at


Author: Gemma Bellhouse

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