Build a bigger butt with this glutes workout

Try this activation warm-up and legs workout from Multipower ambassadors Gains4Girls, to help feel the burn and build those glutes

OMQ, be strong, gains4girls

Multipower ambassadors Gains4Girls

  • Banded glute bridges (activation) 2×20
  • Banded crab walks (activation) 2×20

1. Sumo deadlifts: 3×10-15

2. Hip thrusts: 3×10-15

3. Glute focused back extension: 2×20 (keep your upper back rounded to ensure you’re hitting your glutes rather than your lower back. Dig in your heels and turn out your toes on this one)

4A. Single leg leg-press: 2×10-15 each leg

4B. Lunges on spot with DBs: 2×8-12 per leg

5. Lying leg curl: 2×10-12 (3-1-1-0 tempo)

6. Step ups with DBs: 2×12-15 per leg (light weight focus on form/driving up through glutes)

7A. Hip abductor: 2×20-25

7B. Goblet squat (heels elevated): 2×15-20

Then hobble home!



Author: Oh My Quad Expert

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